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Damiano De Tommaso winner of the 2019 International Rally Cup

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All is well that ends well.

Damiano De Tommaso unreservedly approves the assumption of the old popular saying: “In fact, when we happen to think back to our season, we realize that even the less beautiful episodes, even those that are decidedly ugly like the fire that stopped us at the Rally del Taro, now make us smile ... ".

The talented driver from Varese uses the pluralis majestatis which, no longer the prerogative of popes and kings, has become a habit for many: when he speaks in the plural it is because he does so also in the name of Giorgia Ascalone, the Salento co-driver who accompanied him in the climb to success in the 2019 edition of the International Rally Cup - Pirelli. Inherited in the final, the victory at the Rally City of Bassano was the cherry on a beautiful and tasty cake that the two - forty-five years old all together - made race after race.

Starting with the Rally Appennino Reggiano last April:: “Regardless of what the future holds, that first place won in the last special stage is going to remain among our best memories ", he tells us. Then he explains: “At the start of that last timed section, I really thought I could still do it, but at the same time I didn't hope to make it. I understand that it may seem contradictory and maybe it is, but that's what I felt while we were waiting for the start”.

Five races, three first places. And thirteen special stages won: four more than Manuel Sossella, five more than Paolo Porro and Alessandro Re who, were the ones who made life more difficult for him. The numbers say a lot and, above all, legitimize more than millions of bar talk his victory in the series that this year has proposed a mix of well-prepared races, with well-matched Special Stages and, above all, with an adequate mileage. His road is still uphill and he knows it. But meanwhile he climbed another step.

"And - he remembers - it wasn't even obvious that I could have the chance to try. Born, about ten days before the closure of the Rally Appennino Reggiano entry, the project at one point seemed to have gone up in smoke and only at the last minute did we succeed in sending the registration on time ". The rest came almost by itself.

With his commitment, with the collaboration of Giorgia, with the support of the team Munaretto. And the affection of many enthusiasts able to see beyond the beautiful liveries, and the beautiful helmets. He answers questions, but not when he’s asked to which one of the IRCup races he liked most: "And how can you tell? Each has some very positive characteristics, each has left me something beautiful inside. Even the Taro, despite the withdrawal, also the Casentino, despite the initial puncture and the problems that we have solved only at the last service park, changing the four shock absorbers. It seems impossible, but just outside the service I felt I had a different car in my hands and in fact I told Munaretto immediately, announcing that if I hadn't had the best time on the magic Talla it would have been my fault. Rather, what I find lacking in Italian rallying - and I don't mean a particular championship or series, but I say it in general - is a greater camaraderie among us pilots. I don't understand why in Italy it is difficult, very difficult, to establish correct relationships based on mutual esteem: jealousies, resentments, suspicions only serve to ruin the environment ".

All is well that ends well, but it is not said that what ends well cannot be better.

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