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Alpine A110 Rally on all fronts in 2020!

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After its announcement last May, the Alpine A110 Rally went through an extremely productive development programme extending through December. Several drivers with a wide range of experience joined the Signatech technical department to validate their solutions.

Unanimous positive feedback

The car designed and developed by Signatech based on the general framework defined by Alpine quickly surpassed all its pre-assigned targets, including reliability and performance indicators.

“Right from the first test, I felt the Alpine A110 Rally was incredibly agile in the tight corners and stable in the fast bits”, said multiple two-wheel drive French Champion and Alpine A110 Rally Ambassador. "We were able to compare the times on several test bases and the results were positive. The car also reacts well to setup changes. Its lightweight is a genuine asset, as are the new technologies such as traction control, ABS and the launch control. To sum up, it is a car that is fast, easy, designed for all and thoroughly lives up to the Alpine reputation.”

Alongside Emmanuel Guigou and 2015 French Junior Champion Laurent Pellier, other profiles joined the development process to test the versatility of the lightweight aluminium chassis coupled with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbocharged production engine and a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The Alpine A110 Rally was put through more than 5,000 kilometres of testing on representative stages and in different conditions to best prepare for its future playing field.

"Like the Alpine A110, the Rally version is just as fantastic in its own way," said Yoann Bonato, a double FFSA French Tarmac Rally Champion. “It is very easy to drive and designed for everyone, even those with no prior rear-wheel drive experience. In getting rid of driver aids, it is much livelier… There is no doubt that when the conditions are right, the most skillful drivers can hope to run at the sharp end of the order!”

“The handling really impressed me”, added Nicolas Ciamin, who has a lot of experience with R-GT cars. “I didn't find any flaws over 100 kilometres despite the fact that the road was never 100% dry. It is easy to drive, fast and very precise. It is a real pleasure and all the work put in these last months by Signatech has produced an outstanding car.”

This feeling was echoed by others, such as the versatile Pierre Ragues and many prospects invited to sample the Alpine A110 Rally during a test session in December.

“I was all smiles right from my first development session”, revealed the LMP2 Signatech Alpine Elf driver. "I had some preconceptions about the R-GT category, and I was also a bit apprehensive about testing a rear-wheel drive car for the first time. Despite this and the very wet and cold conditions, I was very soon comfortable and I was able to give my little bit of experience to the team to set up the brake system and the ABS. I was impressed with how agile it is and its ability to string the runs together as we didn't need to do anything except a refuel and tyre changes. The engine and launch control are also magic among the many other extremely pleasant things. I got the feeling Signatech really managed to size up the rallying challenge with a humble approach. The result is extremely promising!”

FIA R-GT homologation in sight

Meanwhile, the FIA R-GT homologation process continues with the FIA and FFSA. Signatech and Alpine expect this to be completed by March 1, 2020.

Once homologated, the Alpine A110 Rally will be eligible to race from local events to the FIA World Rally Championship stages. The car will also meet the most advanced safety standards.

The first deliveries and the competitive debut will follow and François Delecour is expected to be one of the first to drive an Alpine A110 Rally in anger at the Rallye du Touquet (March 12-14).

“I am extremely happy that I will be at the start of the Rallye du Touquet in an Alpine A110 Rally”, says the 1993 World Rally Championship runner-up. “It felt great during the test sessions. It is well-born, easy to drive and a lot of fun. I think it should be well suited to these roads!”

From January 1st, those who wish to do so can order an Alpine A110 Rally directly from Signatech via the contact specified below or its Team FJ partner.

An Alpine Rally Trophy as a showcase

Like on the circuits, the Alpine A110 Rally will offer several options to its owners and drivers. The competitors will have the opportunity to enter the rallies of their choice, as well as to compete in the Alpine Rally Trophy established by Signatech within the FFSA French Tarmac Rally Championship. 

The Alpine Rally Trophy will allow Alpine A110 Rally customers to battle in five standout rounds in the French rally scene. Following the season-opener on the Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur in May, the crews will contest the Rouergue, Mont-Blanc and Cœur de France before the season-finale at the Rallye du Var.

Like with the Alpine Elf Europa Cup, there will be a general and gentleman classification. The prize scheme and more details will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Philippe Sinault, Signatech Director

“One of the characteristics in our industry is non-stopping development, but we have completed our initial programme and we are very satisfied with the compromise reached. The unanimous feedback so far has been almost disturbing, but we wanted to make a car that is accessible to as many people as possible, that gives drivers confidence and helps them in their driving, and that's exactly what we've done. In addition, the innate qualities of the Alpine A110 combined with the technical solutions chosen to adapt it to rallying make it efficient. Gentleman drivers will thus be able to enjoy themselves in the best safety conditions, while those who wish to excel on more prestigious events will also be able to shine. In parallel with the homologation process, another job is now opening up with the production of a first batch of 20 cars, 12 of which are already pre-ordered by diverse profiles, which was another of our objectives.”

Régis Fricotté, Alpine Commercial and Competition Director

“Since its presentation at Rallye du Mont-Blanc, the Alpine A110 Rally has gone through a development phase that has really led to the product we wanted: extremely high performance, reliable and suitable for all types of drivers. We now enter a new phase as we are targeting both the French market, where the Alpine Rally Trophy should be a real catalyst, and the international markets. The Alpine A110 Rally also completes our competition portfolio. In addition to the Alpine Elf Europa Cup, the brand will be represented in three important disciplines, all anchored in Alpine's DNA: endurance with the Alpine A470, GT with the Alpine A110 GT4, and now rallying!”

Alpine A110 Rally

Technical specifications

    1.8l turbocharged engine producing from 320 to 330 horsepower, adjustable anti-lag system and launch control

    6-speed sequential gearbox + reverse gear / limited slip differential

    FIA homologated full roll cage

    Three-way adjustable suspensions with ALP Racing Suspension hydraulic thrust stops

    Adjustable anti-roll bars

    8x18’ front and rear wheels

    Brembo brakes, four-calliper pistons

    ABS Bosch Motorsport, specific handbrake

    Steering wheel with integrated controls and display, XAP paddles

    Sabelt bucket seats with six-point harness

    Six levels of traction control

    FIA FT3 homologated 70l fuel cell

    Weight: 1,080 kg

    159,000€ (excl. VAT) without options

Options & accessories

    Data acquisition

    Alpine blue paint

    Interior equipment

2020 Alpine Rally Trophy calendar

    15-17 May: Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur

    9-11 July: Rallye Aveyron Rouergue Occitanie

    3-5 September: Rallye Mont-Blanc Morzine

    2-4 October: Rallye Cœur de France

    27-29 November: Rallye du Var

Commercial contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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